Make mine a lemon ripple, please!


September’s speakers Mark and Sue, from Kelsmor Dairy came to our meeting in their ice cream van.  What fun!

Of course, we had business to attend to first.  Maisie was glad to announce the progression of our Skittles team to the next round of the competition and we wish our team the best of luck when they play next week, of course.  But really, we couldn’t wait to hear all about ice cream!

It ticked so many boxes as far as our WI interests go, because we’re keen to support local dairy farmers achieve a fair price for their milk and we were delighted to hear Mark describe his excellent working relationship with Cotteswold, a local family-owned dairy who value the high quality milk from the Kelsmor herd of Guernsey cattle.    So, Mark spoke of the farming aspect of their business, telling the story of how the herd was established after the Foot and Mouth outbreak had turned their lives upside down and then Sue told us of her highly successful, award winning ice cream production.  That such a hard working couple with a farming business and a family to run took the time to come to Avening was hugely appreciated by us all – nearly as much as the ice cream tasting afterwards!!


We formed an orderly queue and sampled the unusual flavours, including blackcurrant and cassis, cherry ripple and the extraordinary Kelsmor Gold, made from milk which is so delicious, it doesn’t need any further flavouring.  No wonder it has won awards this year!

We left hoping we’d have room in our freezer for the tubs we couldn’t resist taking home with us.  A few of us were secretly planning ways and means of getting replenishments, too – well, Swindon Farmers Market isn’t that far to go, is it?!

Oh, one more thing.  As we were leaving, Sue told of how the producer of The Archers had visited their farm to record the sounds of the ice cream making process.  Yes, whenever you hear ice cream being made on the programme, it’s Sue’s dairy you are listening to. Fame indeed!

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