What, no heating needed?

Our July meeting is possibly the only one of the year when we don’t turn on the heating!


We had a great meeting last night, one of the warmest evenings of the summer.  Our speaker was Colin Davis, head of art at Sir William Romney’s school and we were fascinated to learn a little about his work there.  Colin spoke with such passion, it’s clear he loves his work and how lucky the youngsters are to have such an enthusiastic and talented teacher to inspire them.

IMG_3484At the end of his presentation, he got out a few sheets of paper and some graphite sticks and challenged us to the task he’d set his new Year 6 group earlier in the week.  Inspired by the work of Joan Miro, we were invited to get our hands dirty and make some large and confident marks on the paper in the form of the bird-like shapes suggested by the artist.

Was it the satisfying mark-making exercise which provoked the good humour and relaxed chatter which continued rather longer into the evening than usual, or was it the cheese and wine we all enjoyed?


Or, might it have been the sight of the silverware from the recent group meeting which stood proudly on the table alongside the winning entries 🙂

Doesn’t matter, really – we had a fun evening in great company and love our WI!

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