Can it be so long?

Oh my, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  A quiet website means we’ve been out there busy doing and perhaps not taking enough time to share the fun!


Fun times like this week, when eight of us got together around Gill’s dining table to gossip make Kanzashi flowers, using some instructions from a Cheshire WI friend.


Some parts of the process were a bit fiddly, but we stuck with it.


Eventually, everyone created a beautiful flower which could be used as a brooch or a hair clip.  The book we had showed ideas for making them into jewellery, for decorating flip flops and all kinds of things, but we all agreed, we needed a bt more praactice before we could take it further.


Of course, we had a giggle too!


 All that was left on the table at the end of the afternoon was a little pile of tiny scraps.

Oh – and Eileen’s scissors 😉  (She got them back at our bookgroup the following evening)

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2 Responses to Can it be so long?

  1. Lovely report …wish other WI did this more often .It looked a fun meeting
    Just joined Minchinhampton WI
    Keep getting lost in the village as I am a new comer in these parts Looking forward to my first knitting group .Hope to meat some of you at the group meeting in May .
    Every day is an adventure …….Where is Woodchester ????I am sure the lady who is providing the shared transport will know .

  2. aveningwi says:

    Maureen, you’re always welcome to come to one of our meetings on the second Thursday of the month. We have a few members from Minchinhampton (and no, we are not trying to poach you!!) Just come along and be amongst friends.

    Minchinhampton WI is in a different group from Avening so we’ll be at the Tetbury group meeting rather than Woodchester.

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