Highgrove visitors

Twenty five WI members from Lancashire joined us for lunch today, on their way to visit HRH Prince Charles’ garden at Highgrove.  We’re always pleased to welcome groups to our lovely patch of the countryside and watched the clouds anxiously this morning, hoping that the weather would hold for their visit.  Thankfully, the rain clouds passed over and as our friends enjoyed the home made dishes prepared for them, the sun was trying hard to shine.

Doreen and Pat had prepared quiches, there was a bowl of Maisie’s beetroot jelly, a carrot and cheese salad with a zesty orange dressing and a bowl of Gill’s brown rice salad too.  Add a few tomatoes gathered from Beryl’s garden and a crunchy coleslaw and there was hardly room for a slice of ham!  Desserts featured Maisie’s famous Gloucester Tarts, Pat’s chocolate pots and Sue’s yummy Cambridge Tart – a hard choice to make.

As we gathered the empty plates and they prepared to leave, our friends surprised us with a wonderful basket of Lancashire goodies.  Here in the basket were Chorley cakes, Eccles cakes, several different biscuits and cookies, some Lancashire tea and a couple of packets of Fisherman’s Friends, all topped with a red rose!   So generous.  At our next WI meeting in September, we’ll enjoy a taste of Lancashire, for sure.

We love entertaining groups who are visiting Highgrove, Westonbirt Arboretum or simply visiting the Cotswolds.  If you’d like to join is for lunch or tea, then please, drop us an email and we’ll send you details!


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